Lisa Furukawa Piano Studio
" Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music. " - Sergei Rachmaninov


Piano Lessons - Each private piano lesson is tailored to the individual's goals and needs. Lessons are available in English or Japanese.

Piano and Composition Lessons - for students interested in developing their piano skills while they compose original material

Piano Duets - for two students who would like to develop skills and repertoire knowledge of duets for one and two pianos. (Beginner to Advanced Intermediate Levels). This is a great class for siblings or friends interested in developing repertoire to play together!

Piano Skype - Long distance learning program for students who would like to take lessons through Skype. Some equipment is required for set up.

Learning Japanese through Music: Students can choose if they would like Beginning Japanese Language or Music to be their primary course of study. This track will help students learn beginning Japanese while singing and/or playing music. All ages welcome.

To receive information on enrolling in one of the lesson programs, please send an email to furukawalisa at or fill out the membership request form below