Lisa Furukawa Piano Studio


"Ms. Lisa is a wonderful teacher. She really helped me grow as a musician and her teaching technique is phenomenal. She helped me realize my potential and she always cares for her students to make sure they achieve all they can." 

-Alex Villeda, student

"The piano is one of the hardest instruments to play, but with a teacher like Ms. Lisa, it becomes the easiest and the most enjoyable. Ms. Lisa opens up your eyes to a world of new music by instructing you with praise, nitty-gritty feedback, and fun, creative ways to learn challenging music. Being her student for 8 2/3 years has taught me a lot and has helped me achieve more than I could have imagined. She’ll help you prepare for exciting new contests and competitions. Aside from her experience with piano, Ms. Lisa is a kind, hard-working, and compassionate person who cares about all. With the guidance of a teacher like Ms. Lisa, you can do wonders, musically and personally!

-Annu Singh, student


"Lisa has been the only piano teacher our son Gideon has ever had and she has skillfully taken him from the earliest Faber books to Beethoven's Sonatas. We have been with her for eight years, three studios, numerous recitals and Guild Auditions. Now, with her move to Seattle, we are using some modern technology to create a "virtual studio" across more than 2500 miles. We are very thankful that Gideon will continue to learn and collaborate with someone like Lisa who has such an obvious love for music and more importantly genuinely cares about her students."


--Jim Chickos, parent


"Lisa is a gifted teacher and a lovely, insightful, creative person to be associated with."

-Dr. Marcia Huth, principal of the Hawbridge School

"My daughter took piano with Lisa for several years. Lisa is a patient and kind teacher who uses steady encouragement and positive reinforcement to get her students to progress and improve. She is a serious teacher who gently encourages her students to take opportunities to perform and makes them see these opportunities as an extension of lessons and another way to learn. My daughter always came out of lessons feeling good about herself and her playing, even on the days she went in feeling that she hadn't practiced as much as she would have liked. Due to moves, we had had a lot of teachers; Lisa was the best by far. We highly recommend her."

-Liz Vincent, parent

"We were very fortunate to have Lisa as our daughter's first piano teacher.  Lisa is a wonderfully skilled and encouraging teacher. She brought Chloe from a beginner level to a much more advanced level in just two years.”  

-Mary Longhill, parent

Lisa has a magic of connecting with students of all ages in ways that they understand and can explore beyond just "piano playing". Her students are always very prepared for performances, where they perform with confidence, great rhythm and musicality. My students truly enjoyed Lisa when she gave a masterclass for my studio. Lisa is a fun, artistic, technical, experienced and professional teacher and an artist that everyone will fall in love with!

-Machiko Saegusa-Cole, colleague